Honda GX390 Powered Pressure Washer (3500 PSI)

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Model: X-3513HWBGENCD
This Honda GX390 13hp petrol engine pressure washer is a great choice for anyone needing a pressure washer for high pressure professional and commercial use. With the belt drive Cooldrive technology you don’t need to worry about the pump over heating, as cool air is is forced in over the pump which reduces the heat by as much as 25%. The twin V-belt drive design, allows the Triplex pump to run at less than half the engine speed, as the pump is slow running it is under less strain and will last longer then a direct drive pump. With 3500psi maximum pressure and a flow rate of 15.1 L/min, this is a serious petrol pressure washer.
The Honda GX390 engine has been the king of pressure washer petrol engines for many years and is the only engine to choose if you are in the  professional cleaning business or rental business. Backed by the Honda GX series 3 year warranty and with parts availability nationwide, there is no competition. 
The slow running belt drive Triplex General TS1511 Pump, with Cooldrive system makes sure the operating temperature of the pumps is at it’s optimum at all times, drawing cool air over the pump and reducing heat by as much as 25%.
The twin V-belt drive design, allows the pump to run at less than half the engine speed,  increasing pump lifespan.
The double v-belt drive guard can be removed in seconds without tools and adjustment is a very simple operation.
The advantages of a belt drive pressure washer:

Low pump speed, so less strain on the pump, running at between 900rpm and 1400rpm.
Oil capacity is increased, so better cooling and less breakdown of the oil between oil changes.
Less vibration transferred from the engine, as the pump is mounted independently to the frame.
Heat transferred from the engine is less, this allows the pump to run cooler and for longer.
Cool Drive system – this forces cool air over pump body to keep the pump running cool
All the above contribute to a longer pump life and as less torque is required to drive the slow running pump, the engine life is also be extended.

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable pressure washer that will always get the job done this is an ideal choice.
Water feed: Garden hose with Q/R connector. Must have sufficient volume to match the pump flow rate. Not supplied with suction kit.
Suitable for gravity feed / mains supply. 

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